Vendor Management Solutions


TimeMatters inc. is your single point of contact to the staffing vendor community, managing all aspects of your supplier relationships.

Our Role

Our approach is inclusive. Our national relationships with staffing vendors ensure we have access to unique, local and national providers and their combined talent pools — a winning strategy for our clients.

To achieve this we:

Secure contracts with a roster of approved
staffing vendors
Negotiate rates with our extensive knowledge
of market conditions
Conduct all communications with vendors
on your behalf
Ensure fair value is delivered by your
staffing suppliers
We put ourselves between your staffing needs and a network of suppliers to streamline the process of engaging vendors.
We will centralize the activity, distribute the requirements and present the most suitable candidates to the client.
TMi is in a unique position, closely aligned with the staffing industry yet impartial, with a vendor-neutral approach.
Staffing Vendor Audits

TimeMatters Inc. is in a unique position to apply our extensive knowledge of the staffing industry to measure your staffing vendors’ compliance with your Master Service Agreement (MSA) across all categories.

Retiree Engagement Program
Our Retiree Engagement Program provides a vehicle for retired/retiring employees to return as Independent Contractors, allowing our clients to access the talent pool of staff well-versed in their policies, processes and culture.