Because your time
is valuable

TimeMatters inc. is a unique consultancy
offering independent and impartial strategies to support
your human capital investment

Our 3 Pillars

Staffing Vendor Audits

TMi measures and remedies compliance to the MSA.

Vendor Management Solutions

TMi is the single point of contact to the
staffing community, managing
your staffing suppliers.

Retiree Engagement Program

 TMi provides a vehicle for retired and former resources to re-engage as independent contractors.

TMi works with clients to manage MSA compliance that also identifies cost recovery through the audit process

TMi brings neutrality and thought leadership to help answer skill and experience gaps.

TMi is not a staffing company – We partner with you to retain your talent and information advantage.

TMi provides a vehicle for retired and former resources to re-engage as independent contractors keeping your knowledge capital where it belongs – with you

“Working with TMi I found them to be extremely professional, very knowledgeable in the industry and direct and honest. They helped to educate me on the vendor’s point of view and overall provided me with more insight into the industry.”
“I would highly recommend using TimeMatters Inc.”
“TMi built an extremely robust auditing program and over a five-year period we were able to return a significant sum (millions of dollars) back into the company’s pocket and improve our Master Services Agreement to cover us in the future.”
“TMi’s level of service was outstanding. Their response time, knowledge and dedication went above and beyond with the Retiree Program and Vendor Management. ”
“Superb service and expertise. The fact that they are independent and not a staffing firm provided an impartial, objective position to our Vendor Management and Audit services.”
“Bringing back previous employees through TMi removed the risk and administrative headaches.”