TimeMatters inc.’s proprietary Retiree Engagement Program provides a vehicle for retired/retiring employees to return as Independent Contractors, allowing our clients to access the talent pool of staff well-versed in their policies, processes and culture.


There is a Knowledge-Based Shortage

The abundance of labour since the 1970s due to boomers and women entering the workforce is winding down.
Industries are facing a loss of expertise and knowledge as experienced employees decide to retire.
It is necessary for companies to find a way to retain knowledge as we see a significant drop in employees



Retaining Knowledge and Skills

Rehiring experienced retirees can significantly reduce a company’s training costs.
Employers benefit from the experience and knowledge offered by recent retirees without making a long-term commitment.
Employers benefit from retaining experienced
workers, while retirees benefit from remaining
active and supplementing their income.



Why TimeMatters inc?


TMi’s sole focus is retaining skilled, knowledge based workers for our clients, not marketing them to various firms.
Organizations need to be careful engaging former employees on contract as they should be considered employees.
TMi will structure the contractual engagement to meet CRA requirements and mitigate any employer/employee issues.
Organizations often overlook those employees who are the lynchpins of their departments
– until they retire & take that knowledge with them

Retain Knowledge


Keep your knowledge capital where it belongs – with you

Vendors Compete


TMi is not a recruiting firm so knowledge capital will not be vulnerable to poaching from employers.

Talent War


Reduce your “capacity risk” due to a changing workforce

Mitigate CRA issues


Ensure internal and external compliance and mitigate your exposure to liability.

Mentoring junior staff


“In-Source” your retirees back into the organization

How much valuable knowledge walks out the door every time a retiree leaves?
Staffing Vendor Audits
TimeMatters Inc. is in a unique position to apply our extensive knowledge of the staffing industry to measure your staffing vendors’ compliance with your master service agreement (MSA) across all categories.
Vendor Management Solutions
Our approach is not exclusive but inclusive. Our national relationships ensure we have access to unique, local and national providers and their combined talent pools — a winning strategy for our clients.